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DIY Wedding Table Runners

Welcome to DIY land! Shortly after I got engaged I started planning what I wanted our center pieces to look like. I searched the interwebs for the exact color table runner I wanted, but I couldn't find it. Which is how I ended up in DIY table runner land, but sadly there weren't any in depth directions on how to make them. Sooooo I decided to document exactly how my Mom and I created the table runners for you besties.

DIY Cheesecloth Table Runners

DIY Table Runner Directions


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First thing you need to do is determine how much cheesecloth you're going to need. My wedding venue has 72" round tables, which are about 36" tall. This is where you will need to determine if you want the runner to go all the way to the floor or not, I don't want it to. Here's how I came up with the length I wanted...

72" (table diameter) + 54" (how much I want the runner to hang over the table sides) = 126 inches of cheesecloth per table runner, aka 3.5 yards.

With the number of guests we are having, I needed 15 table runners, which is about 53 yards of cheesecloth. Don't forget to add in a few extra table runners, just in case. To Amazon I ran... 

After ordering the cheesecloth, I decided what color I wanted to dye the runners. Rit Dye has an amazing website with EVERY color recipe you can think of. Here's the recipe I went with!

You can get Rit Dye from your local craft store or Amazon. Beware though ordering if from Amazon you're probably going to pay more per bottle, than at a craft store.

Now for the dyeing part, you're going to want to do this outside if possible because it can be messy! Otherwise, put a sheet of plastic down to avoid a mess.

Make sure to cut all of your runners to length prior to dyeing them. They are easier to deal with in the shorter amounts. 


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Fill your rubber tote with hot water and dye, I doubled the recipe above, meaning I needed 6 gallons of water. Here's a video on the recipe I used.



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I found that I could do one table runner at a time, due to the length of the runners. The time each runner is in the hot water, is going to depend on the coloring you want. I wanted dark runners, I started with each runner in the dye for 4 mins. As the water cooled, I found that I needed to leave the runners in the dye longer.

Once the table runners reached the desired color, I removed them from the dye, rinsed thoroughly until the water ran clean and then hung them on a clothesline to dry.

To see the final results be sure to watch the below video. They turned out better than I could have hoped for! HUGE thank you to my mom for taking the day to help me with this project, I couldn't do it without her!



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