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5 Free Things to do in Madison For Father's Day

5 Free Things to do in Madison Wisconsin for Father's Day

Father's Day is literally right around the corner! Do you have your card bought, brunch reservations made, or have your kids made one of those cute little crafts for their Dad yet? If you are shaking your head no, you are my people.

I have great intentions every holiday of planning things early, but somehow, the holiday always sneaks up on me and BOOM it's the Wednesday before and I still have nothing figured out.

For all those people out there who hate when the holidays just sneak up on you, I have you covered for this weekend! Keep reading to learn about 5 things you can do in Madison this weekend for free.

1.) Dane County Farmers Market

It's hard to not start with this one since it in the largest producer only farmer's market in the U.S according to Destination Madison.  There are more than 300+ vendors who offer a WIDE variety of items. A must stop on your tour around the Capitol Square is Stella's Bakery for one of their Hot & Spicy Cheese Breads, followed by a quick stop at Murphy Farms booth for a bag of cheese curds. I promise you will leave the Farmers Market a happy camper with these two staples.


2.) The Madison Bodega

This market is unlike anything you will find in Madison. Usually it is run once a month on Thursday nights during the summer, but in June, they have a Father's Day special. After you grab a light brunch, head to the Breese Stevens Field and enjoy food carts, interactive children's area, live music, yard games, and lots of vendors. Cough, cough, Wild Bloom Studio will be there, so be sure to stop by and say hello!


3.)  Henry Vilas Zoo

Did you know that it is one of very few admission free zoos in the United States? Pretty cool that it is in our own backyard.  The zoo itself opened in 1911 and has made it a point to keep adding attractions that educate the zoo-goers of all ages. Whether you have young kiddos or teenagers, there is bound to be something there for everyone.


4.) Bolz Conservatory

With Wisconsin weather always keeping us on our toes, I thought I would include an activity that can be done indoors. This is Olbrich Gardens indoor garden space, a glass pyramid. While inside, you are going to feel like you have been transported to a tropical paradise! It's filled with bright flowers, exotic plants and free flying birds.


5.)  Hiking and Biking

With Madison being the bike capitol of the Midwest, it only seems appropriate that it make the list. There are over 200 miles of hiking and biking in and around Madison. A great one to start with in the loop around Lake Monona. Not only will you have great views of the capitol, you will also pass Olbrich Botanical Gardens and The Biergarten at Olbrich Park, were you could stop for a quick drink before you finish out your loop.


My family actually already celebrated Father's Day ( my brother left for 2 months in Germany at the start of the summer) so we celebrated everything he was going to be missing all at once. None the less, you will find me and my Dad at the Madison Bodega on Sunday.


What will your family be doing?